Not Your Average PupperMother HOOMAN Keyring

Not Your Average PupperMother HOOMAN Keyring

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Our Christmas HOOMAN Keyrings are here!

Style is as per the picture

Avail in 32mm Brass, Silver and Copper

Perfect for a doggo pawrent gift for Christmas or just a little treat for yourself!

Customisation: Contact me if you wish to slightly adjust this.

All our dog tags, cat tags and human Keyrings are hand stamped - yep letter by letter, number by number. This means that no two tags are the same. The perfectionist in me tries to make all tags evenly spaced, symmetrical etc however each tag will have its own uniqueness.

We would like you to know that all metals do corrode over time - especially with water and salt from all our adventures - this can easily be back to its original state with a light metal polish or a polishing cloth. I've even seen people even use tomato sauce/ketchup! Just for your info - Aluminium corrodes the least, followed by Brass, followed by Copper.

All pet tags come with the split rings/keyrings seen in the main tag pictures.

Any questions please send us a message - we'd love to see your new ID tags on our Insta @GEODOGZ